This project is a series of different commentaries to Mass readings:

Sunday Haydock

Glossa Dominicalis

Bíblia Pereira-Haydock

Padre Vieira tridentino

Sunday Mass readings (Douay Rheims edition) with commentary by Rev. George Haydock (1774–1849)


The text of the Latin Vulgate itself, with medieval commentary from the Glossa Ordinaria, also in Latin.

Dominica II in Quadragesima (B)

In both forms of the Roman Rite, Novus Ordo (the “normal” Mass) and Vetus Ordo (“Tridentine”).

Sabbato Sancto (Vetus Ordo)

A good read for those who, for any reason, are studying Latin and want some practice, or for those who have studied it already and want to keep it sharp.

An all-new translation of the Haydock commentary to Portuguese, coupled with the translation of the Vulgate by Fr. Pereira de Figueiredo (1725-1797)


Sermons by the Portuguese Jesuit Fr. Antônio Vieira (1608-1697) following the liturgical calendar of the time